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Immaculate Heart of Mary Athletic Association

4092 Blow Street - St. Louis, Missouri 63116
Phone 314-481-7543

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IHM Sports will be ceasing opperations at the end of the current Basketball season.  Begininng with Soccer and Volleyball registrations in May, all children who are registered parishioners or live inside of the IHM parish boundries will be eligible to play for St Mark's Athletic Association.  More information on registrations, fee structure, and concessions stand duty will be coming soon.

We will have a meeting with St Mark's Athletic Association on Monday February 17th at 7pm at their Parish Center on Morganford (by their church).  All are welcome to attend.

Visit us on Facebook at!/pages/IHM-Athletic-Association/210887492299332


Baseball-Softball-Teeball Registration are now open for the Spring 2014 season!

Please go to and log into your account (or create an account for new users) to register for the Fall season.  

Registration is open till February 17th for  all Pre-K through 8th graders. 

Fees per sport are $40 for the first child, $40 for the second child, and $10 for the third child per family.  Fees may be paid through the registration system via PayPal or by check made out to IHM and sent to Aaron Buck, 4057 Louis, St; Louis, MO 63116.
Please have your child registered and paid by February 17th.  We will be playing with St Mark Parish, and will need to forward our information on registered players to them, and make payment for those children.  They are honoring our fee scale for this Spring Sports Season.

Any questions on the registration process , please contact Aaron Buck at 

Directions for registration are on your left under forms.  Please register by the end of February, we need to form teams the first week of March.
  - The general aim of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Athletic Committee is to organize a sports program for boys and girls which will aid in the development of youth. The sports program plays an important role in helping boys and girls become physically fit, mental alert, and morally sound. Coaches have the responsibility of setting a good example for the youth to follow. They shall guide the youth in accordance with Catholic principles expressed by respect for others, fairness, self-control, and good sportsmanship. The teaching of skills and teamwork are goals of the Athletic program. Winning games is secondary to good sportsmanship and the formation of character and leadership.Goals:
  • To provide the opportunity for all children to participate in meaningful physical activity.

  • To teach good sportsmanship through organized sports.

  • To challenge all participants to achieve in a manner consistent with their individual potential – success being measured by their effort and improvement.

  • To help players develop strong health bodies and an appreciation of good health.

  • To provide an experience of team membership, by helping the players to be responsible to, and supportive of each other.

  • To develop principles exemplifying good sportsmanship, character formation, and Christian leadership.

  • To instill discipline leading to a code of conduct which accepts responsibility toward the parish, coaches, team, and opponents.





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